Imagine you went to an event. You put on new clothes, you expected to meet a bunch of new and exciting people, drink nice wine, have an amazing evening you are to talk about with your friends for days and days. Is there anything we are missing out? The music? Yes, YOU are right! The music is the only thing that can elevate a nice experience to a great and unforgettable one.

“Euphoric” was born out of the need to revolutionise the way people saw duos and provide unforgettable experiences to people from different walks of life. We are all about uniting people with music.

Experience fresh and innovative arrangements of your favourite songs, presented by two professional musicians that use their unique approach to music to bring you the experience you have been waiting for.

“Euphoric” is a live music duo experience that incorporates the beauty of acoustic performances with Bobby’s soul-touching vocals and Cameron’s mesmerising guitar intricacies. The duo’s uniqueness lies in the breaking of the typical idea everyone has in their minds when they hear the word ‘duo’. “Euphoric” utilises technology to bring you the best experience possible. From loop pedals for producing a wide array of sounds for acoustic performances to custom-made electronic arrangements for any corporate event, wedding and any other party you can think of, “Euphoric” takes you on a journey no matter what.

‘‘I was the Producer on Bobby and Cameron`s debut music video. The duo`s passion for what they do is so contagious that there was no way of not getting on board for their project. I do believe the boys have a star-like characteristics and they will go far. I absolutely loved working with them - from their professionalism pre, during and post filming as performers, to the music they make and the positivity they approach everything with, they make the top of my list with people I`d work with again (and believe me, the list is long).’’ (Delly Allen, Film Producer)

“Directing Bobby and Cameron during their debut music video shoot was an utter pleasure. Both came really well prepared, handled the long hours and stressful moments like true professionals and never let me down as performers. We managed to go further than what I have planned and it was definitely due to the great teamwork we all did together. I would love to be involved with their future projects.” (Nino Oz, Film Director)

Bobby is a pop/R&B artist, music producer and songwriter, who has been involved in a number of adventures throughout his musical journey. His credits include a record deal with Virginia Records (Sony Music) after achieving the position of a runner-up in X Factor Bulgaria 2011, performances at the Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour alongside artists such as Mark Ronson, Conor Maynard, Antonia and Alexandra Stan. He is a musical director for “Euphoric”.

Born in Australia, but raised across the globe, Cameron is an exceptional multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, who plays guitar, bass, drums and he is classically trained in vocals. What is more, he is constantly touring with multiple bands as a backline technician.