Top 10 Entertainment Ideas for YOUR Wedding

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Planning a wedding? Wondering what decisions to make for your special day? We feel you!

Planning a wedding is both a super enjoyable and nerve-wrecking process as we want to get things right and create the perfect atmosphere for ourselves and our guests.

Entertainment is one of the key elements of every wedding day. This is why we decided to treat you to a little inspiration post where we uncover some of the most popular and some of the quirkiest ideas for your wedding. Keep reading to learn how you can turn your marriage into a fairy tale.

  1. DISCO

    We all love disco and dancing our feet off. Spanning across the decades, disco provides you with the diversity music offers and there is nothing better than listening to your favourite songs whilst spending time with your favourite people.


    This one is more unconventional, but pretty popular amongst newly-weds. Why not capture the magic of your wedding day in a ‘live painting’ you can put in your home for years to come?


    This one makes me feel so emotional… It is like a film scene watching the doves spread their wings and fly into the sky (and it looks bloody good in photos). It is a mix of old school tradition with a modern twist to it.


    One thing I have learned in life is that you need to make others feel special. Organising an awards ceremony during your speeches and highlighting your guests’ dresses/suits or simply personalities makes for such a personal and unforgettable experience for everyone.


    Ready to bring the Vegas vibes to your wedding and treat your guests to a game or two of roulette? if you are one of those adventurous people, this one is go-to activity to get involved in your wedding.


    Did someone say The Greatest Showman? Oh, sorry, we are still at your amazing wedding.

    From jugglers to fire eaters and from acrobatics to exotic animals, you got it covered. The only limitation is your imagination.


    Ever watched High School Musical with the iconic dance of “We Are All in This Together”? Well, this is your chance to turn your wedding into a community experience by making your guests part of one-of-a-kind dance. You can make them aware of your idea in advance (if there are some that are normally shy) or surprise them out of the blue with previously hired dancers that would encourage everyone to get stuck in.

  8. Doughnut Tower

    The name speaks for itself. I can only imagine the silence caused by the warm, soft and tummy-pleasing doughnuts that could accompany your wedding. You get to choose from so many flavours such as chocolate, jam, salted caramel, vanilla, custard and many more.

    P.S. Don’t forget to send me some home via Royal Mail.


    Need an extra glam touch to your marvellous event? Glitter bar is the one! Take your guests to the festival and make them feel like superstars whilst dancing under the spotlight to the rhythms of their favourite tracks and performers.


    You thought this one was too obvious and standard to be included in this article? Well, you may be right, but the truth is live entertainment is what makes any event extra special. It is what lifts everyone’s spirits up to the moon and back.

    Live entertainment comes in various shapes and sizes, from big bands to smaller collectives who provide unique experience for their audiences.

    We, at Euphoric are all about great experiences for our guests and this is why making people happy is so important to us.

    So, what is your favourite suggestion of them all? Do you feel wild enough to try something new and non-traditional? At the end of the day it is all about living life to the fullest.

    Share with us your favourite suggestions of any other ones that come to your mind! We would love to hear from you.

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