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Euphoric is an acoustic/electronic experience, designed for any event ranging from an intimate members club performances, wedding receptions and lounge acoustic sets to corporate parties, conferences, weddings, birthdays and any other party.

You want something more relaxed - we’ve got you covered, you want something very wild and crowd-engaging - we got you covered. Our team has curated electronic arrangements of your favourite tracks, specially for your unique event.

How long do you play for?

This really depends on your requirements and the type of event you are organising. It could be 2x1-hour sets, one long one to keep your audience as engaged as possible or any other unconventional pattern. We are a super flexible bunch, so you can be sure that we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

there is a song i would like played at my event that is not on your setlist. wOULD YOU BE ABLE TO PLAY THIS ONE?

Absolutely! “Euphoric” is all about providing experiences so we will be able to add your preferred song to our list and personalise our performance specially for your event.

Could you perform my first dance?

100%. First dance is one of our favourite types of performances, we love sharing the happiness of our clients and contributing to their amazing time.

what kind of events do you cater to?

We love diversity, so we love to get involved in different types of events such as weddings, private parties and corporate events, as well as festivals. You name it!

do you require soundcheck?

All of our bookings will require us to perform a sound check after setting up our equipment. This is an opportunity for us to test out levels, and to ensure the sound is tailored correctly for your venue.

If your function room will be occupied throughout the day, we can accommodate this as well and set up as ‘secretly’ as possible so you and your guests are enjoying your day without any noise.

how many people can you cater to?

The beauty of “Euphoric” is that it could perform for a more intimate crowd or a bigger one, think festivals, corporate events and any other bigger parties.


Due to to the majority of our bookings being private shows, conferences, weddings or corporate events, public viewings are not that frequent, however, if you drop us an email, we can let you know if a public event is coming up.